Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kansas City, Here I Come!

The clock is ticking

I'm packing my suitcase tonight and flying out in the morning.  I'm headed to Kansas City for Father's Day and to visit family. And of course, do some antiquing while I'm there!  Missouri has some of the best hidden treasures and I love the hunt.

Remember this shop...
I had the pleasure of visiting Curious Sofa during my last trip to Kansas City.

This was an amazing shop packed full of eye catching displays.

But as we all know, Curious Sofa closed it's doors early this year. We miss you, Debbie.

   I'm taking an extra suitcase hoping to fill it full of vintage Missouri treasures.  Wish me luck!



Bohemian said...

Hi Joyce, thanks for stopping by today's Sentimental Value Post. I cannot take credit for the bags pictured in today's Post because those were the ones made by other Artists I admire the work of... Robin Brown of Magnolia Pearl and Shelly Sessions of Rust & Roses.

I do make Bohemian Bags too and several of mine are in previous Posts, but I find I don't get as attached to my own creations as I do those creations made by other Artists that are OOAK. Guess I figure I could always make another if something happened to one I made. *winks* I'm making a couple of commissioned pieces right now and I'm always thrilled to death and flattered when my pieces become the Sentimental Favs of those who order them. Having someone connect to your Art is always such a Rush!

Dawn... The Bohemian

Bohemian said...

Oh, I thought I'd add why my Magnolia Pearl Bags hold so much Sentiment for me... I purchased most of mine before the popularity of the Artist exploded. Now she no longer makes these bags. This is what inspired me to begin making my own, so that I wouldn't wear out or destroy my beloved MP Bags which are one of a kind and were expensive even before the popularity made the prices enter the stratosphere. So it was sacrificial for me to save for each piece as I added to my collection over the past decade, before the Artist no longer made them. I do enjoy making my own bags though, I can make them any way I want and that freedom of Artistic expression is enjoyable. I'm not as gifted a Seamstress as Robin though, her bags are magnificently and skillfully made. I don't know how to use a sewing machine so I have to make mine by hand so they're more Folk Artsy. *winks*

However, my friend Shelly still makes her bags and they are very reasonably priced... she has stores in Arizona and California.

Dawn... The Bohemian

Joyce Janes said...

Hi Dawn,
You and I definitely have the same love affair goin on with Magnolia Pearl! I was so sad when she quit makiing her gorgeous bags because I wasn't able to get one of them.

But you, my girl, make some great bags as well. Don't under estimate your own talent. I love tapestry, velvets, leather, fringe & lace. Maybe I could send you materials to make me one, hmmmm?

I believe I might have one of Shelly's bags that I bought from a lady at an antiques expo show a few years ago. She said it was made by an artist in California?

Anyway, I'm not giving up on getting a bag from you!

Patti said...

Can't wait to see what you bring home!