Sunday, June 5, 2011

A day at the beach...

Finally, a beautiful 80 degree day in the Pacific Northwest and a forecast of high 70's at the coast, yippee!  So we loaded up the 4-legged kids and headed to Long beach, Washington. 

The weather couldn't have been more perfect...77 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. My husband loves to go to Long beach because you can drive on to the beach and drive for miles. We were lucky enough to find a secluded spot so the kids could run and play and chase seagulls.
Enough of that and we headed to our next destination...Oysterville.  But before we made it off the beach, we found ourselves stuck in the sand...ohh s#%$!

Thank God for 4-wheelers! One came to our rescue and after 10 minutes of digging, he pulled us out. That was $20 bucks well spent!

So off we went, destination...
If you've never been to this little historic town, it's worth the drive, about 5 miles north of Ocean Park on the tip of the penninsula.

Reminds me of Nantucket. 

At the end of this tree lined street is a place (didn't get a picture of it, dangit!) that serves the best fresh crab and smoked oysters, among other goodies for the road trip home. 

 After hitting a few antique shops along the way, we called it a day and headed for home sweet home.
We ended a great day sitting on the deck until the sun went down.
Life is good.
Until next time 


Colbycottage said...

Hi joyce, just found your blog and it look great!! I dont brouse often but when I do , I love to see what everyone is up to :)

Worthy Goods - Debbie said...

Hi Joyce!!! Welcome to blogland! Glad you had a beautiful day at the beach with the fam. Your kids are adorable!!

Joyce Janes said...

Kathy and Debbie, thank you for visiting my blog world and your kind words of encouragement.

My Shabby Roses said...

Joyce, your pictures look great! It looks like you had a great time, except for the getting stuck part. But then again it made for a great post!
Your yard looks so beautiful. I hope we get to see more pictures of it in the future.

bella said...

Hi Joyce
lol - been there , done that! Stuck on the beach. Only I was 8 months pregnant and absolutely No help to Joe.
What a gorgeous day at the beach

Auntie Joy said...

Glad you had a great day off. You have been working like crazy keeping all us in the back area organized. Hope you take lots of pictures in Missouri to share with us1

Kindred Roses said...

Long Beach, my home away from home.
Glad you had fun!

Bohemian said...

Your comment on my Blog made me smile and I'm so very glad you stopped by and became a supporter so that I could discover your beautiful blog... your Banner literally took my breath away! *swooning still* I've saved it to my favorites.

Being stuck in the sand I can certainly relate to... The Man is quite the Outdoorsman and he keeps getting bigger vehicles to go off-roading and 4-wheel driving. My defininition of 4-wheel drive means = getting stuck in MORE inaccessible places. *winks*

Now I SO WANT to go to the Beach... alas, here in the Desert we have miles of Beach and NO Ocean! *LOL*

Dawn... The Bohemian