Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Who Doesn't Love Kittens...

Meet my barn kitties...

These are actually feral cats that have made their home here. There are four little ones and three that are alittle older. 
For a few weeks now we have been putting food out for them in the barn and slowly gaining their trust.  

We don't want these kittens having more kittens so our 
plan is to trap them one by one and take them in to a great organization called FERAL CAT COALITION  to be spayed or neutered and then re-release the three older ones back out here. They're great for keeping the mouse population down!

Our plan for the four little ones are to kennel and socialize them and foster them out.  
As mush as we enjoy them and would love to keep them ourselves...  

Sam, our rottweiler, hates cats! So we don't want to take the chance in something bad happening.  

 So if you or someone you know in this area would love a kitty or two, let me know.  
I'll keep you posted on the outcome! 



~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I would allow any cat that showed up here to stay, but so far, in 5 years, none have--It's mind boggling to have that happen in the country. But your cats are real cuties, and I'm glad you're looking after them and making sure they'll continue to be safe!

Bohemian said...

Oh Joyce how Cute! And I'm glad you also do what we do with the Strays & Ferals that show up. Since we have acreage we end up with a steady rotation of Ferals and Strays that attempt to make this their Home, or pass thru for a time. Every Cat we've owned has 'Adopted Us' this way in fact. We have been unable to keep them all and try to find Ranchers that need good Barn Cats since the local Animal Shelters typically consider the Feral & Stray population to not be 'Pet Quality' and so they put them down. I just wish more people would participate in spay/neuter of the Cats that have not been domesticated... and that others wouldn't just abandon their Cats when they move or decide they don't want them anymore. Now that the Shelters charge for pet drop offs many people just don't care enough about their animal to pay the fee to have them re-adopted and given a 2nd chance, it's a pity.

Our 'Working Cat' Trio keep the rodent, bug and snake populations at bay so they're worth their weight in Gold IMO!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Anonymous said...

Bless you, Joyce, for finding it in your heart to look after these cats and work with the Feral Cat Coalition on a long-term solution. They are a marvelous organization, and I recommend them highly.

Best wishes to you and all the kitties! I'd adopt one myself, but my cat loves to be the center of my, and my husband's, attention, and she has made it clear she will not tolerate a "brother" or "sister." : )