Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Orange...the Color of Autumn

Who doesn't love the colors of Autumn.
Every October, our lace leaf maple turns a bright orange, just in time for halloween.

 My family of deer

Trick or Treat!



melanie said...

I , too have a family of deer although mine look a bit weary, missing ears and antlers and...your yard looks great!
hope to see you soon

Laurie said...

I love fall and all the gorgeous colors! Your Japanese Maple is stunning and the deer family is perfect!

kathee said...

Hey Girlfriend!! I'm missing you and the store!!
I just love your post...the deer family is adorable!!
That orange is to die for...we don't get color like that here...only brown!
See you soon...xoxokathee

lvroftiques said...

I agree your Japanese maple is stunning! And that's more like a herd of deer *winks* They're adorable! Vanna

YONKS said...

Beautiful - I love your deer family!
Happy Halloween