Sunday, October 23, 2011

Never Enough Time...

You see, I have this collection of obsession with clocks.  Just like my coral collection, I can't seem to get enough of them.
The older, the better.  The rustier, the better.


The more unique, the better.
And sometimes they're just cute!

Even clock faces. There's just something about dials that I can't get enough of.

Four of these!
I can't help myself!

There's just never enough time...clocks!



My Shabby Roses said...

I love your collection of clocks Joyce. There are a lot of fun looking clocks out there.
And you're right there isn't ever enough time.
Hoping you get a lot done during your next couple of days off!
Have a great evening,

melanie said...

I used to have a huge collection of clocks...the only requirement was that they did not work! Love seeing yours...makes me wish I hadn't sold all of mine!

lvroftiques said...

ARRRGGGHHH I LOVE your rusty crusty clocks! And that lamp and shade too! *winks* I've never really collected the travel type clocks but after seeing yours I might be hooked *winks* I also have that same pair of girandoles.....Great minds girlfriend lol! Vanna