Sunday, July 31, 2011

BARN HOUSE Event....Truly Amazing!

If you didn't make it out to this amazing event...kick yourself because you definitely missed out on the most amazing flea market festival of the year.  Sooo many people came...

beautiful displays of great stuff everywhere you looked, so much eye candy!  Not to mention live music, great food and beer & wine garden!  I think I would've been a happy camper even if I hadn't sold anything because it was just that fun.  But OF COURSE, I sold alot...icing on the cake!

I have to share a couple of my favorite vendor spaces that I think were over the top fabulous...
Garrett of Platanitis & friends from Sacramento

Randy of Madison Park @ Monticello

I might have to do a part II just to get it all in because there's so much more great stuff to show you.

This picture tells alot about the flavor & atmosphere at BARN HOUSE...

Down home fun...Too cute!

 Thank you Joe & Jermonne for hosting this amazing event on your beautiful farm and making everyone feel so warm and welcome. 
Such a great day...Much love to you.



Little Cottage said...

Thank YOU, Joyce, for making my day!

My Shabby Roses said...

Joyce, your area looks fabulous! I love how you decorated the top of your area. I'm glad you were so successful. It looked like a fun event.

lvroftiques said...

I could cry! I wanted to make it sooo badly but family stuff came up. Next years sale I'm NOT going to miss!! There were so many treasures with my name on them! Grrrrrrrr! But I'm glad you had a great sale Joyce! You're a master vignette'er *winks* Vanna

lvroftiques said...

Joyce I can't get enough of those wonderful old victorian shades either! *winks*...Course there are lots of things I can't get enough coral for instance....I wonder where that came from...Oh yeah YOU! *winks* Vanna

Amy'svintagecottage said...

I love your Calamity Jane blog! I loved even more seeing you at BH and hangin in the trailer park! Don't worrry I am full on in Monticello mode, we will make you proud!:))
p.s I am so sorry to hear about your sweet Sissy, I lost my 14 year old girl last fall.Such unconditional love we get from them and they require so little in return.

Retreat said...

Joyce, your booth was GORGEOUS - and so were you! Was great to visit with you a bit at the show and we'll be in touch! ;0)

Deb @ Retreat

Bohemian said...

Break out the smelling salts... I'm having a major swoonfest! Glad you had such a great experience there Joyce, your vignettes are fab!

Dawn... The Bohemian