Thursday, January 24, 2013

Birthday at The Beach...

When you live in the Pacific Northwest y0u know it's a real treat to go to the Oregon coast in January and find Spring like weather.

We were at Cannon Beach this week where it was clear and sunny and got up to 59 degrees!  I know that doesn't sound very warm but when we left home, it was only 37 degrees.

This shot was taken from the balcony of our room.

These two shots were taken at sunset from our balcony

It was a little foggy one morning but still beautiful.

Me & Sam

We surprised a herd of elk!  I wished I could have gotten the shot of them looking at me before they turned and ran.

We spent 3 great days at the coast...walked the beach, ate great food and wine...Heaven.  We've already booked March reservations for our 30th anniversary!  

Can't wait!

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Sister Patty said...

Lucky you! People who live in a very warm climate probably don't understand the beauty of our coastline... with the below 60 degree weather. But we do... and we love it!

Great photos, Joyce!

Little Cottage said...

Lucky you! Your pictures are so beautiful. Looks like you must stay in the Hallmark hotell area, from the position of Haystack Rock.
We go to Cannon Beach at least once a year! It is the best beach town around <3

A Thing for Roses said...

So nice to celebrate your birthday at the beach! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Looks so lovely! And, contratulations on 30 years! Wow!

Into Vintage said...

Happy Birthday, Joyce! Sounds like a perfect weekend.

I just returned from my birthday weekend at the coast as well. Junked and shopped for 2 days north of Cannon Beach.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Cannon Beach is one of my favorite places. I lived in Portland for only 9 mo. in the early 90's, but I fell in love with Oregon.
Happy Birthday and I know you'll enjoy a wonderful anniversary there, as well!