Sunday, July 8, 2012

Remembering Sissy...

On the eve of one year since losing my Sissy girl, she weighs heavy on my mind.

She was the most unique girl I have ever had and probably will ever have. I simply loved and adored her.  She brought me so much joy, love and God, could she make me laugh.  She could be so stubborn and such a brat, but then be such a sweetheart.  
She didn't like her brother stealing the limelight. She wanted all the attention...and she usually got it.

She loved her brother and he loved her. 
They were double trouble.

She was a spoiled princess...
but I wouldn't have it any other way.

As we celebrate your brother's 7th birthday next week, 
we miss you dearly.
I miss your love and kisses
I love you Sis. 
You're in my heart always.


Bohemian said...

They Live on through our abiding Love and Tender Memories... those that have passed through the Veil... and they await our arrival one day...

Hugs from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Sister Patty said...

Oh Joyce, I really identify with this... we lost Shadow a year ago in June. You have Sis' brother; we have Shadow's daughter. Thank God for all of the wonderful memories. She was a beautiful girl! (and her brother is pretty handsome as well!)

Little Cottage said...

Totally understand your emotions!

robin bird said...

awww joyce this is lovely tribute. i so love my itty bitty zippy. There are never enough years with our beloved pets :(

Denise said...

My daughter had a Rottie and she was the BEST dog ever. Truly one of a kind. And so intelligent. We miss her so much. She had bone cancer and was in so much pain. Heather had to make the oh so painful decision to have her put down. We never forget them though, do we?