Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Remodeled Bathroom...finally finished!!

Hello everyone! some of you know, I have been waiting a very long time for this bathroom remodel project to be done.  My husband opted to do all the remodeling himself which is why it took a year and half!  Yes, I said a year and a half!!  You see, he didn't feel the need to "hurry up and get er done" since we have two other bathrooms...thank GOD!

I wish I had "before" shots of it but he ripped it all out before I had a chance to take pictures.  It was a very small traditional 60's bathroom with double sinks and yellow formica counter top cabinets. Can you visualize that?

He added three feet to the bathroom by knocking out the closet in the spare bedroom next to it.  I'm going to eventually turn this bedroom into my office, so who needs a closet anyway, right.

I love the way it turned out.  The walls have been textured and the paint color is actually a mocha color.
Recognize the oil painting on the wall, Sue?  I love it! 
(Sorry about the mirror shot!)  

I'm trying to go with an old-world European look.  See the old shutter on the wall?  It's actually being used as a door on a built-in cabinet.  I love this idea instead of your typical cabinet door.  
On the other side, I used an old column for height and more old-world ambiance.

 The shutters in the window are temporary until I find the right ones to fit.  I love using shutters instead of curtains.

A little needlepoint footstool fit perfectly in the corner 

The column has just the right amount of chippy brown paint.
Recognize the marble dish, Vanna?

So whadda ya think? Any other decorating suggestions?

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lvroftiques said...

I noticed it right off girlfriend! *winks* Oohhhhh your bathroom is gorgeous! Worth waiting a year and a half! Lol! Kudos to that honey of yours.
I swear every darn time I'm ready to head down there something breaks! I kid you not. My car blew a tire....The fridge went's been ridiculous! I really REALLY want to come over!! Grrrrrrrrr! Vanna

Laurie said...

It looks beautiful. I love the column and the shutters. You really captured that old world feel. Good job to both of you!

kathee said...

Omg girl...this is gorgeous! Funny I was thinking what to write and said it to my self...then read the above comment from Laurie and ...she took the words right out of my mouth! I LOVE THE SHUTTERS AND THAT COLUMN IS TO DIE FOR!
I also love your little dress form..(you know me)
Just so so nice!
Can't wait to see you list of girlfriends is growing...we will see who holds true to their word..
Many Hugs to you...
Send me some pics.

lvroftiques said...

Really Joyce this bathroom is just so dang pretty! Had to make another visit. Do you go in there and just stare at it? I know I would *winks* Vanna