Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Beautiful Day...

We are having the most beautiful weather EVER! Our Indian summer continues in the Pacific Northwest with temps in the high 70's & 80's all through September! L.o.v.e.  i.t!

It was a perfect day to re-decorate the front porch with my  new favorite finds...two giant urns.  They're perfect for my palms. 


I spent most of the day on the deck soaking up the sun and getting some much needed relaxation.

Our Indian summer won't last much longer
so the laundry and vacuuming can wait another day.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Who Doesn't Love Kittens...

Meet my barn kitties...

These are actually feral cats that have made their home here. There are four little ones and three that are alittle older. 
For a few weeks now we have been putting food out for them in the barn and slowly gaining their trust.  

We don't want these kittens having more kittens so our 
plan is to trap them one by one and take them in to a great organization called FERAL CAT COALITION  to be spayed or neutered and then re-release the three older ones back out here. They're great for keeping the mouse population down!

Our plan for the four little ones are to kennel and socialize them and foster them out.  
As mush as we enjoy them and would love to keep them ourselves...  

Sam, our rottweiler, hates cats! So we don't want to take the chance in something bad happening.  

 So if you or someone you know in this area would love a kitty or two, let me know.  
I'll keep you posted on the outcome! 


Saturday, September 1, 2012